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Crinone: store at room temperature between 35degrees and 85 degrees F.
Gonal-F, Follistim, Fertinex, Pergonal, Repronex: all need to be stored at room temperature between 37 degrees and 77 degrees F.
Humegon: store at room temperature between 35 degrees and 85 degrees F.
Lupron: store at controlled room temperature below 77 degrees F or refrigerated. Refrigerate after opening the vial to decrease the possibility of contamination. Once the vial is open, we recommend a 30-day expiration.
Oral Medications and Patches: most are stable at room temperature below 86 degrees F.
Pregnyl: same as Profasi except the reconstituted solution will be stable for 60 days.
Profasi and generic HCG: store dry powder at room temperature between 59 degrees and 86 degrees F. In most cases, the entire vial wil be given in one dose. If more than one dose will be given from a vial, store in refrigerator between 36 degrees and 46 degrees F after reconstitution. The constituted solution will be stable for 30 days.
Progesterone in Oil 50 mg/ml vial: Store at room temperature between 59 degrees and 86 degrees F.
Progesterone Suppositories: though stable and solid at room temperature, they retain their shape and are easier to handle when refrigerated.

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