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Instructions for Egg Retrieval

Pre-operative hints:
To prevent constipation associated with surgical proccedures, please increase intake of fluids, fruit juices and fiber.
Pre-operative Instructions:
1. Night before Egg Retrieval: DO NOT EAT ANYTHING AFTER 9 PM OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT. This includes water,gum and mints.
2. 12 hours before Egg Retrieval: DO NOT SMOKE
3. AM of Retrieval: DO NOT WEAR perfume, make up, jewelry or contact lenses.
4. Children are not permitted in the operating/recovery room - do not bring them to the clinic this day.
Semen Collection for Egg Retrieval:
The semen specimen must be obtained through mastrubation only. To prevent contamination from bodily flids of the partner (i.e. saliva/vaginal secretions), hands and penis must be washed throroughly before collection. The specimen should be collected in a sterile container at the clinic or transported to the clinic at body temperature with one hour of collection. Label specimen with male partner's name on the side of the cup --- DO NOT label the lid.
Post Operative Information:
1. Do NOT drive a care o operate and heavy machinery for the next 8 hours. An adult should be with you for the remainder of the day.
2. You may be slightly sore for the next few daysbut this will subside. If you need medication for pain you may take 2 Tylenol every 4 hours, do not exceed 8 Tyleno; in a 24 hour period.
3. You may have scant spotting from the vagina but should not experience bleeding as if having a period. Report bleeding if more than spotting.
4. Eat lightly for you next meal, avoid spicy and/ or high fat food, and them resume normal meal patterns.
5. You should shower only. No bath or hot tubs (spas).
6. Pelvic rest (no intercourse, no tampons).
7. If you feel warm, take your temperature. If it is above 100 degrees, please report.
8. Report difficulty eating, dringing, or urinating.
9. Maintain a good intake of fluids and fiber to prevent constipation.

Instructions for Embryo Transfer

continue medications and Prenatal  Vitamins as directed. If pregnancy is achieved your physician will determine which medications continue, especially the progesterone products as prescribed. Please take no other medications unless they have been cleared by a member of the team. This includes Antihistamines and even over the counter medications.
We recommend you remain quiet, preferably lying down as as possible on the day of transfer and the two days that follow. You may shower, but DO NOT take a bath or sit in a hot tub. If you are from out of town, please plan to remain in the aera for at least one day after your ET.
You may return to light activities and work after 2-4 days of rest. Do not perform strenuous activity, aerobic, jogging or raise your temperature or heartbeat. Please abstain from intercourse and orgasm until pregnancy test results known and then resume as directed by your physician.
Special Instructions:
Eat  balanced meals and avoid dieting. Continue oral intake fluids 24-32 oz/day.
Pregnancy Tests:
Beta HCG pregnancy tests are scheduled 11& 13 days after Retrieval.
Follow-Up Treatment:
If pregnancy tests are positive you will be given further instructions regarding medications and appointements. There will be a chart review for the nurses only to follow-up with patient if needed.
You will want to make arrangements for prenatal care to be seen after ~ 8 weeks of pregnancy. Our office does not provide OB care, but will refer you to a local or prerinatal specialist as needed.
If pregnancy tests are negative medications will stop and you should expect your period ~ 2-7 days. This period may be heavier than usual. Your nurse will assist you with scheduling a return visit with the Physician to discuss the cycle completed and provide an opportunity to address your questions.

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